Friday, August 16, 2013

Is *In-The-Street Protest* The Best Answer? I Have Another Idea!

I am of the opinion that there are far more productive and peaceful ways to bring down this pesky regime.

I am of the opinion that taking to the streets feeds the old system.

Peace will not be found protesting in the streets. You've heard the saying "that which we resist persists."? Well protest is resistance.

When we go to the streets, we round ourselves up for them and make ourselves sitting ducks. We go to them and place ourselves in their line of fire. They surround us and pen us in. Our entire focus, while there, is on them and the horrible things they have, are and will, do to us.... therefore perpetuating the entire situation. We give them the perfect opportunity to smack down on us, with violence and intimidation.

I am of the opinion that we would do better to stay at home.... focus on building community relationships... family relationships. Focus our energy, and attention, and spend our money, only on that which excludes the old system and on that which builds up supportive, co-operative community relationships. Living our lives consciously and with loving intention and in community, is a far more effective solution to our problem.

Refuse to fight on TOS (the old system) terms. Band together within our communities and prepare to meet them on our own turf. It will stretch their resources thin if they have to come to all of us.

Peaceful, non-compliance and intentional withdrawal from TOS is more likely to bring on the reality we are attempting to create. When we live as though TOS has already disintegrated it has to.

The old system needs us to give it our money. Money is a harvesting tool. With it, TOS steals our energy and imprisons us.

If we make lots of money, that only means we have given that system lots of our energy. When we spend it, or invest it in their banking schemes, or pay taxes with it, or traffic tickets, or court costs, or licensing fees, or we register anything we own, or the children we birth, or anything we create, we are helping TOS to survive.

This is also true if we watch lots of mainstream television, go to movies at the theater, or play video games, or spend our time whittling away the hours immersed in mindless online games or watching idiotic, frightening and negative you-tube content, especially when any of those things are violent, angry, fear-based, horrifying or negative. When we have our focus on any entertainment, which is any of those things, that is the energy we are putting out into our world. We collectively create that which the masses focus energy on. Every individual decides which system they endorse by where they place their mental focus and how they earn and spend their money.

Even sporting events feed TOS. They keep us in a mode of competition where the most important thing is to win at all cost. We also become a captive audience for their advertising which is just propaganda and mind-programming to promote more mindless consumerism. In order for there to be a winner, there must also be a looser and if you haven't yet noticed, this game is presently being rigged against us. We have to stop playing TOS games and invent a new game where TOS will have to engage with us on our terms and on our turf.

In-the-streets protest is a game... police and military, against the people. Obviously it's rigged in favor of TOS. I have no intention of loosing to TOS so I refuse to play their games. 

When we shop, just for the sake of shopping, we feed TOS. If we buy things we don't NEED and even when we buy new (corporate produced) items, when a used one would do just fine, we are unnecessarily giving our energy to TOS.

Some people have a hard time determining what a NEED is, so here is a little hint.

Right now, in this moment, we are alive. No matter what else is happening around us or to us, it is clear that our basic survival NEEDs are all being met. All we need do is preserve and strengthen that condition. We don't need near as much, to survive, as we have been conditioned to believe we do. Take my word for it... the more money and stuff you have the more of your energy is being sapped by TOS. When you reclaim your energy you will feel powerful and happy like you've never known before. Save, keep, buy and invest in...only...those things that keep you alive, healthy and free.

I personally am attempting to free myself of my reliance on money. It is a step-by-step process. It isn't happening over night and I admit, it's quite daunting and a little scary. I just have to do it. I can't live with myself if I know that I feed TOS while wishing to live in the new one. I am intending a reality where all people are free, all basic survival needs are met equally and our global society is ruled with peace and LOVE.

A mass decision to spend every paycheck, from here forward, on basic survival needs, instead of paying fraudulent loans, tickets, taxes, fees, etc. will erode TOS until if fails, while also allowing us to be prepared for the lean time we'll spend re-building the new system.

Buy organic seeds and dried foods, toilet paper, canned foods, deep cycle batteries, solar panels, healing medicines and first aid supplies. Store up water and camping gear. Research and create free energy devices. There are lots of them and they are very inexpensive to create. Purchase books about survival, organic gardening and identifying edible plants. Group together with your neighbors, pool your resources and make preparations that benefit the whole group.

Their control of us depends on their ability to convince us that we need them. The people they will call up first will be every person who is reliant on any kind of government support. The disabled, those on welfare and social security and food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid and unemployment. They will also look to those receiving any kind of government paycheck... teachers, school custodians, police, librarians, firefighters, sanitation workers.... If you work for the state or federal government... or even city or county you may have to choose between your paycheck and the people you love. Even those who get a monthly retirement check, from any financial entity, could face being cut off because the banks are failing as we speak. If this includes any who read this, I implore you. Please do not buy the hype. Join with neighbors and pool your resources NOW. Spend ever penny wisely and as much as possible, on basic survival needs *NOW* while you still can. Working together and having faith in the ability for cummUNITY to sustain us and protect us, is the answer to creating the world we want to live in. For those of us who do not rely on any kind of government support, we need to welcome those who do, to join our communities and assure them that they will be taken care of when they choose to reject the government mandates.

NOW is the time to do it. Don't wait until they give you an ultimatum. Prepare NOW, while money is still coming in.

Be wise as not to bring undue attention to yourself. Make small purchases at several different places and pay cash as much as possible.

Split the essential food purchases up between several people Shop garage sales for camping gear.
One important issue that we face is how the police and military are being turned against the people, all over the world. We would do well to send these people Loving energy and make sure they understand that there is a place for them within our communities. Try always to ensure them that they are One with us and that we Love them and that we want peace between us. We are not their enemy but they have been trained to perceive us as such. Love is the only thing that will reverse that perception.

They are programmed to use fear and intimidation tactics. If we stand courageously and fearlessly and peacefully and Lovingly before them; perhaps we can bring them into our fold, in effect, rescuing them from TOS.

Just don't wait another minute.


I Love You ALL!