Monday, October 14, 2013

Malala Yousafzai

I wish to take a moment to discuss Malala Yousafzai.

I feel the need to point out that this young lady has become the new face of the mainstream, corporate, mk ultra, education "program".

At best.... they are using her to suck in our young women.... At worst, they set it up this way, from the very beginning, and she has been a pawn all along. This certainly fits within their typical modus operandi.

Should the Divine Feminine fully awaken, within all women, we'd be completely unstoppable...
It is happening... They know this....

Question Everything!

It is so easy to throw our support behind an idea, a situation, a person... just because it comes with a tragic story or a great hero or heroine. The "forces that were" are expert at playing our heart strings. We've got to stop letting them do this. I do it too sometimes and am trying to be way more conscious about it.

I completely advocate girls being highly educated as long at they are not being programmed to become slaves to the same corporate nightmare that has ensnared the rest of us.
The corporate system is only there to create subservient slaves to the corporate beast.

Get out of the corporate system. Get an education through life experience. People should be allowed every opportunity to educate themselves, in whatever area peaks their interest, at any given moment.
education is one of those things that I think should be free for all who wish to partake of it. Halls of higher learning a free public institutions that anyone can utilize... just like the public library.

Anyway.... That's my 2 cents worth, thanks for taking the time to read this.

I Love You ALL!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Architects of the Establishment

I am moving some of my old blogs over here from another blog. This was originally posted on my old Xanga blog on:

Friday January 20, 2012

Who are the "Architects of the Establishment"?

People tend to get real quiet when you say the word illuminati. I'm never quite sure why though. Is it because they don't believe they exist or is it because people fear them and are afraid to talk about them?

Either way, through our denial or our fear, they get their way. As long as you look away, they are free to run rampant.

Some people call me stupid and foolish for being so outspoken on this subject. Some call me paranoid. I know I'm not just being paranoid. I have tons of proof to present to any who want it. Just ask me for it.

These dark workers are ramping up their game, as I type this. They are doing everything they can to get World War III started. They are poisoning us by poisoning our air, food, medicine and water supplies. They are stealing our money. They are planning to either kill us or keep us enslaved. They are using mind-control techniques on the entire population through the mainstream media. (Why do you think they call it "television programming"?) They are working hard to implement world-wide martial law.

The plan for a "New World Order" is about one small group of greedy old beings, controlling the entire planet and all of it's people and resources. They are executing a plan that is more than two centuries old and over those two centuries they have effectively infiltrated every position of power around our globe.

They are bankers, politicians, military leaders, educators, spiritual leaders, law makers, law enforcement officers, corporate controllers, medical professionals. They own the Federal Reserve and all the major banks, the insurance companies,  the pharmaceutical companies, the education system, the media, the entertainment industry, the FDA, the AMA etc., etc. They have lied and done terrible things in order to start war after war for profit (9/11 is a good example of that!).

In the past 4 years they have stolen at least 26 trillion dollars of American money. Do you realize that that equals a quarter of a million dollars for every American household? How long are we going to sit still and let them do this to us.

Think about this.

They are 1%-2% of the world population. We far out number them!

If we choose not to acknowledge the existence of this group then they are free to lead much of the population down the path of darkness. If we fear them we give them power. If we hold our LIGHT, open, strong and true we can expose their dark deeds and send them scurrying. They rely on secrecy and darkness to work their evil plans. Their mind-control techniques cannot work on people who are awake and aware. They need our attention and our money to continue their plans. If we are awake and aware we can choose more wisely about where to allow our attention to go and where we spend our money. For instance. They own the Federal Reserve and every single penny collected from us, for income tax, goes directly to the Federal Reserve. They own all the major corporations, so shopping local could really put a crimp in their finances. There is so much we could do as a collective that can work to counteract them but first we need to admit to ourselves that they do exist, we have to collectively stand up courageously against them, we need to know exactly who they are, what they are trying to do and how they are trying to do it. Then we need to proceed to PEACEFULLY and LOVINGLY dismantle their power structure.

One last but very important point I want to make here is that this organization is more than two centuries old and many of the people working for/with them are doing so under duress. In order to insure the secrecy of this secret society they have consistently used fear, torture, drugs and mind-control tactics to keep their people(mostly their own families) in line. They start using these tactics on them as early as 4 years old. As a result there are a lot of severely damaged people out there, many of them children, who need our compassion, forgiveness and healing LOVE.

David Wilcock has recently written an awesome article that tracks the illuminati's history all the way back into the 1700's. He names names and maps out their diabolical plan, point by point. His research includes loads of documentation to back up all of what he writes. I highly suggest that everyone take the time to read this article. Financial Tyranny . The thing that I love the most about it is that he has collected and compiled all the bits and pieces of disjointed information I have stumbled upon randomly, over the past few years and brings it together in a comprehensive and easy to read format. I pray many will read it!

Bright Blessings!


"I do believe there is a truth you can find within your heart. A truth where we are all One, where the universe is built of loving energy, and where all negativity, violence, condescension, sarcasm and fear-mongering must eventually crumble to dust. ~ David Wilcock

Operation Odyssey Dawn

I just found this old post, I wrote, that I find kinda interesting. It's from my old Xanga site. I'm going through stuff from there that I want to move over to this new blogger page and I'm laughing at myself because my point of view and perspective has changed so much... I think I am far more jaded now but I can look back and see that they were never bull shitting me! I've seen through the charade all along!

Originally posted:
Saturday March 26, 2011
I just saw a news blurb telling about how the comics are having a blast with jibes at the name Operation Odyssey Dawn. They also say they were told by government sources that the name was totally random and meaningless.....

............but it's not meaningless to me and I don't get the joke.

Think about it.

Odyssey means:

  • a series of travels: a long series of travels and adventures

Dawn means:

  • beginning: the beginning of something, especially a period of time or history

 Operation Odyssey Dawn's very literal meaning tells us that this is to be the first in a long series of other such operations. I don't think that's unintentional, random or meaningless.

Do You?

This is the written transcript from CNN's Wolf Blitzer's Show on May 26th . You'll find this except near the very end.

"JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It dawned on the military to name it --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "Operation Odyssey Dawn."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: "Operation Odyssey Dawn's" mission was being called "Operation Odyssey Dawn."

MOOS: And thus began an odyssey of the insults.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Odyssey dawn? That's not a military operation. That's a carnival cruise ship.

MOOS: Well, a cruise ship isn't so bad.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Odyssey Dawn? You really named a combat operation after a yes album?

MOOS: No. There is not a yes album called "Odyssey Dawn." It is a joke.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Odyssey Dawn, I believe it is a military operation named for a stripper.

MOOS: You probably never met a stripper named Desert Storm. Humanitarian missions tend to have inspiring names like operation restore hope or provide comfort. So what is with Odyssey Dawn?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was absolutely random.

MOOS: U.S. Africa command says they were given three sets of words, beginning with certain letters to choose from.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Odyssey dawn does not mean anything really.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (via telephone): No, not at all. You know, there was maybe about 50 words that they looked over. So they chose at random the word odyssey and then someone threw out the idea of maybe dawn being the second word."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I have a suggestion for how to use our words, to manifest our reality.
When we express ourselves in positive, present tense, it helps us to manifest, more quickly.
I am going to use a paragraph from Brian Kelly's most recent post to give you an example of what I'm talking about. I'm not even sure Brian wrote this part and I hope I don't offend whoever did. Please understand, I'm not criticizing. I am hoping to be helpful and I know it works, because I use it, myself.
So, anyway...

This is the sample paragraph and suggested changes...
Your contributions will (remove "will") help bring Free Energy Technology directly TO the PEOPLE! Our Phase I funding of $20,000 will (remove "will")  allows the 5D Media Network team to launch the OPAL Tour - a mobile alternative media network. Amongst the many things we'll showcase (remove "we'll showcase" and replace it with "being showcased") on the OPAL Tour, Free Energy Technology is just the beginning!
Now you have a positive, present tense statement, of what IS.
Your contributions help bring Free Energy Technology directly TO the PEOPLE! Our Phase I funding of $20,000 allows the 5D Media Network team to launch the OPAL Tour - a mobile alternative media network. Amongst the many things being showcased on the OPAL Tour, Free Energy Technology is just the beginning!
The word "will" is a future word..... it pushes whatever we are intent on, out in front of us, just barely out of our reach. Using it more consciously helps to bring us into the NOW moment.
I try to remember to speak, and think, and write, with the KNOWING that what I AM manifesting is already here.... Try using I AM, instead of I will and see if anything changes.
After all.... it is already our reality. Right?
I want to thank all of The Bridge Crew and the 5D Media Team, and whoever else is helping the O.P.A.L. Tour along, for all the awesomeness you've brought to our world! I'm excited for all your wonderful doing and am looking forward to meeting up with you.
I hope this little tip helps move your manifestations along!