Friday, November 22, 2013


An economy founded, on the principle of reciprocity, needs no currency, to act as a representation of value or mode of exchange, for goods and services.

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

This project is an experiment in human nature, as well as a vehicle by which I hope to change the world! There are many who doubt it can work but we have ultimate faith that it is a viable model for our society. I hope you will join us, in any way you feel led. Help us prove or disprove this hypothesis!

If you look at the logo above you will see a heart, with an infinity symbol (the sideways figure 8) imposed upon it.

This symbol shows that LOVE is the foundation, upon which we grow this project.  And the never-ending flow of the Eternity Symbol exhibits the reciprocal nature of existence and how Everything just naturally and continually flows back into ItSelf, into perpetuity.

"Contribute Faithfully, Receive Abundantly" is superimposed on the eternity symbol, to indicate an idea for how we create this flow and keep it moving and growing and sustaining itself.

I know that when we give faithfully, and freely, and without expectation of a single specific thing in return, we inevitably receive, in at least equal measure, if not far more. All our needs are met, exactly when they present themselves, for no other reason than that we have created the environment, in which this can happen. We can relax and be certain of our ultimate well-being at all times. That is the nature of the Universe. All blessings, flow back into themselves. All we need to do, to have our needs met, is be a blessing to others and trust that we are taken care of.

I promise!

 As we give, so shall we receive.

We have been programmed to think the opposite way. We were taught that we should work ourselves into the ground for money to buy stuff,  that we should hold onto our possessions, guard them with our lives, protect them, kill for them, fight for them, insure them for more hard earned money, and only share them with people who share their possessions with us, first.

This immediately stops up the flow of reciprocal energy.

I believe that humans are ALL peaceful, self-governing beings, at the soul level, and I am seeking an opportunity to demonstrate that to the world, by creating the environment in which it can happen.

My ultimate goal is to completely remove myself from the personal need to use money. I am systematically working through a plan to wean myself free of the present system. This is my personal choice and I am not expecting others to jump on my bandwagon. I choose this because I am a conscientious objector to war. I have painstakingly, over the course of a dozen years, followed the money all the way to it's true source and purpose. I have discovered that it's soul purpose is to enslave humanity and wage wars. I am no longer an unwitting participant. Now that I am aware I must be true to my own ethical and moral code. I must remove my energy from this system.

I am a slave to no one and I choose peace over all else. To remain within this system goes against everything I believe in and everything I stand for. I choose to opt out of the present economic system and to peacefully and lovingly, create my own economy, with others who see the value in doing the same thing. If you feel called to partner-up with me, please let me know and we'll begin our collaboration immediately.

The exchange of money is not prohibited here, especially when it comes to shipping costs. I just encourage you to attempt to use as little money as possible. This is a very effective and simple action to take, if you are serious about ending the reign of the corrupt financial monster and bringing peace and plenty to our world.

You may choose to buy, sell, trade, barter, exchange, gift and receive, amongst yourselves, at your will. However, I am hoping that "gifting" becomes your favorite choice of exchange. I suggest that you prime the pump, by being the contributor, first.  Once you have made a contribution, you may then feel free to ask for someone else's wares or similar energetic values. Just trust that the intelligence of the Universal Flow will provide the person who contributed to you, with everything they need as they need it. Actually, will it to be so.

I encourage you to think outside the box and re-evaluate what you know about "value". Everyone values things differently, depending on their personal circumstances.

I like to use a bag of beans as my example. A bag of beans would not be as highly valued by someone who has plenty and a steady income, as it would be by someone who is trying to feed a family and has been out of work for a while.

I also hope you'll consider gifting things to people who express a need for something you have... even if they don't have anything to give you in return.

The Infinity Symbol, in our logo, bears the words "Contribute Faithfully, Receive Abundantly" because this is what reciprocity is all about.

I KNOW, from my own personal experience, that FAITH ALWAYS PROVIDES.

So, If you see that someone posts a need, that you can fulfill and you choose to fulfill it, without any expectation of a payback. I guarantee that someone else will do the same thing for you..... and someone else will do it for them... and so the flow begins...

Please, feel free to post your offerings, and your needs, on the wall.

Let's have fun!

Feel free to update your postings daily if your need is urgent.


By ~ Angie Schuyler

When you have to resort to force, it is a clear indication that you have no power.

I say this, to the police and the puppeteers who are involved in the show of force, being used on the people, all around the world.

You are only reinforcing for us, that you have no true authority over us, and absolutely no power to control us.

You underestimate humanity and our Love of peace. You underestimate our awakening. You underestimate our intelligence, our tenacity and our ability to adapt and heal and Live and thrive, even in the face of the obstacles put up against us. You underestimate our empathy and our compassion, even our oppressors can be Loved and forgiven. We simply beg of you to emancipate us from your system. Free us and free yourselves in the process. Lay down your weapons of war. Release us of all the fabricated financial debt. Share the bounty equally amongst ALL!

You have the mistaken impression that giving freely to us, will take away something from you... This is simply not the case.

As you give, so shall you receive.

Do you not see the perpetual state of violence and destruction you have brought upon yourself. Are you happy? Do you have joy in your heart? Are you doing what you Love? When was the last time you danced or sang, or laughed a good belly laugh?

If you can't answer those questions positively than you are not Living. You are depriving yourself of the best things about being Human.


Step over the imaginary line that divides you from us. Stand with us, in front of the ever weakening forces who were. We welcome you. There is a place at our table for any who wish to live in peace and co-operation.

There are blessings and Love for ALL! All you have to do is claim it.

I speak this most fervently to military, law enforcement and every single person on government assistance or payroll, of any kind. If you depend on any kind of check, or benefit from the government, there is an assumption that you will turn on your own peeps, to keep that benefit.

Don't be surprised when you are asked to do it. I pray you will remain faithful, loving and compassionate. Have faith that your kindness and Love will care for you abundantly. Whatever you do, do not panic and resort to violence or theft. Offer your help and share whatever you have and I promise, it won't be long, before you discover that you never needed their money, job, insurance, food assistance... or whatever... in the first place. You were lulled into thinking you had no other way. You were lured into a trap. Luckily for you... It's all an illusion and a lie! Walk away and have faith. We can take care of each other..

If it is not yet clear to you.... the jig is up..... the game is over and everyone can be winners as soon as we decide that's the way we want it to be.

You oppressors have played your role brilliantly! Now you get to choose a new one....

We all get to choose a new game. As soon as the majority of us decide we're done with this game, it's over.

I think we must be getting very close and I'm getting clued into that by the obvious lack of power, exhibited by the forces who were.

There is no greater power than humanity united. There is only one way this can end, anyway.

It ends where it began. It ends at The Light and you don't get to The Light through force.... Only through Love, Baby.... Only through Love.

Take a break. Chill out. Be at peace. Be calm. Be Love!


Let's just stop it NOW!

I Love You ALL!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Recipro CITY ~ Modeling a New Economy

I've mentioned a while back that I have a plan for a new value exchange / swap shop type place.

This idea is slowly forming in my consciousness.... like a puzzle... bits and pieces fall into place, here and there, over the past few months.

I made a new friend this week, who has helped me to formulate and organize my thoughts, so I am happy to say I finally have an update for you and am feeling things moving forward.
My husband and I have come up with a name and he is working on a logo for us.

What do you think of "Recipro CITY"?

I have already abandoned the socially acceptable business model and have my studio, in my home, full of rocks and orgonite and other artists creative works, along with spiritual books and metaphysical tools and jewelry, and healing herbs, oils and such.

I'm sending out the "word of mouth" advertising and accepting people here, by appointment, to choose from my wares and offer whatever they have to offer in exchange.

I don't set prices on anything, coming in or going out because I feel everyone values things differently. I let the people decide for themselves what is fair.

A bag of beans, to a father of 3 who's been without work for a year, is going to be way more valuable than it will be to a person who has a steady income.

For as long as a certain amount of cash is still needed, I suggest that a small portion of the exchange offer, be in dollars, if they have it to spare, and then I trust that the necessary amount, to pay the basic expenses, is always available when I need it... which it always is.

The second phase of this endeavor is to start a gifting club. Lisa, my new friend, brought me clarity on this piece of the puzzle with an article she posted. I'll post it in comments below incase you are interested in learning more. It had already come to me to do this but others around me has been able to grasp the concept that I am trying to get across to them. People are really stuck on the money part but I know it's part of my job to help them get unstuck. That article is helping me to explain the idea to people.

Phase 3 is to have a large building, and all the other necessary resources, donated, so I can begin the "No money needed clutter clearing" phase. I already have a clutter clearing business but here again, I am prepared to abandon the accepted business model and go to a cashless system instead, which will supply us with plenty of inventory for the store. I am also counting on the right people, appearing to help, at the perfect time, because I can't and am not supposed to, do this all by myself.
Phase 4 is an aquaponic, co-op farm (also inside the large building/ warehouse/ factory that houses the store) so we can actively address the food issues and provide food, as a choice of product in the store.

Phase 5 is a co-operative sustainable farm/community, on a beautiful, natural setting, that springs up out of the group that comes together to accomplish this massive vision of mine!