Monday, June 17, 2013

Do You Want to BE FREE?

By ~ Angie Schuyler

Do you want to be free to keep all your earnings and spend them on yourself and your family instead of on countless different payments and fees and taxes and expenses. Do you want to be free to travel at will. Do you want to have free and open access to truthful and useful education. Do you want to be free to make your own healthcare decisions for your children. Do you want to be free to do only what you Love?

Don't wait for permission, any more. Reclaim your freedom and from this moment on, do only what you want, when you want, as long as you do not infringe on the free will and well being of another. Just remember though... you are on your own recognizance. You must take full personal responsibility for every consequence of your actions.

It's time we all just start living free. As long as we do no harm and we live in peace and harmony with our environment and all Life within it, we are free to come and go and do, or not do, according to our own free will choice and we will no longer be made to pay for anything. The resources that have been hoarded and hidden away from us are far more than enough to provide generously for every BEing on this planet. There is far more than enough to insure that all our basic needs could be met, which would free us to really enjoy life and spend our time and energy doing what we love.

I trust that we value our personal freedom enough to each voluntarily contribute, enough  talents, time and energy, to the new system, to make it far more suitable for ALL than anything we've known so far.

It is our Divine right to be a free. We are ALL sovereign BEings.

Every one of us is an embodiment of our Creator. God lives within ALL!

Who among us has the authority to rule over Creator?

We are ALL equal. No ONE is more esteemed than any other.

Who are we to give anyone authority over ourSelves when we clearly see that Spirit resides within us? The way I see it, the only way to truly honor Creator is to claim our Divine heritage and use it for the highest good of ALL!

We must always remember that WE ARE ALL ONE and that no matter where each of us are now, which ever reality we are perceiving... whatever frequency we are vibrating on.... we ALL remain ONE with Source.

The reality of our situation is that we have given our power away so that we could have the experience of reclaiming it. We've been living a sort of game and the object of this game is that we come here with the agreement to forget who we are and where we came from so that we can experience that which we are not in order to discover that which we are. That which we are is ALL ONE and once a critical mass of us KNOW this, this game of duality can end.

Now that we are awake to the corruption and breakdown of the system we cannot close our eyes to it. Now that we know we are God, how can we ignore that and allow ourselves to be treated with such disrespect?  It is time to peacefully and Lovingly disengage and re-claim our power.

The only power anyone has over us, is the power that we give them. We have given far too much and all of it has been misused. It is time we take it back and go about doing good things with it.

I think the most peaceful and effective way to accomplish the return of our freedoms is to simply stop complying with corporate, banking and government demands.

We have put our faith in others to lead us and care for us. They have failed to do this so we must now take back the authority and take full personal responsibility for ourselves and each other. In the end, I am positive that we will find that they need us far more than we need them.

In December of 2012  it came out that there were UCC filings made, which exposed the truth about the corruption within all corporate, banking and government institutions. They exposed the fact that almost all the world's governments are actually corporations, masquerading as governments. Those filings also lobbed strong accusations at 'the dwindling forces who were' and to this day those accusations stand un-rebutted. They were accused of treason, crimes against humanity, operating a slavery system, fraud. These are the same group of people who created a legal system in which, failure to answer is equivalent to an admission of guilt. Still, they have not responded.

In effect, their failure to respond has resulted in the foreclosure of all banks, corporations and corporate governments.

Now that the world is becoming aware of these crimes against us we can no longer remain at the mercy of this very small group of beings.

Peaceful, non-compliance is our way out.

You might consider not paying credit card bills, car payments, mortgages, fines, fees, insurance. Stop buying things, just for the sake of buying them. Consider barter or trade, for something used, before you go out and give your income to a corporation to buy something new. Buying new supports the corporate, consumer structure. Grow as much of your own food as possible, or buy into or volunteer at, a community supported farm rather than supporting corporate farming. Go organic and GMO free. Stop watching mainstream television. There are many ways you can practice non-compliance but the most important one is to BE FREE.

It is a huge shift in thinking that is required to make this leap but I know we can do it and I know that NOW is the time. We are on the verge of creating a whole new reality where everyone is completely free to do whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it, as long as we do no harm to anyone or anything.

The duality is falling away. Unity consciousness is raising the frequency to the point that the only BEings who can survive within this paradigm are BEings who are vibrating at the frequency of LOVE.

There is no room for retribution.... no reason for revenge..... no punishment needed because any who still remain... who still survive... surely must be of Love or they would not be here.


We have no enemies.... only family who got lost in the game.

It falls to us to Lovingly and compassionately remind them of who they are... that they are ONE with ALL and that as soon as they know that this old game can end and a new one can begin.

I Love You ALL!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Peaceful, Non-Compliance


Peaceful non-compliance, and non-participation with the corrupt corporate system, is the only way I can think of to reclaim our personal authority.

There are people who would choose to submit to those in pretend authority because the Bible tells them they must. When I search my heart I cannot find any truth in what they say.... from the Bible or not. It does not sit right with me. Maybe it's different for me because I know things that others are not aware of and cannot accept even when they are made aware.

I know that the people who have inserted themselves at the top of most of our world's governments are imposters. They are nothing more than corporate officers... puppets for the bankers who control the flow of money by way of war after war after war...... I can't willingly just hand over my money to them any more, knowing they are going to go murder people with it.

The God I know is a God of Love. Love would never ask me to take part in the murder of my own human brothers and sisters..... I feel completely justified in my decision to extricate myself from the grasp of this beast.

For those who wish to walk this path with me, I offer a few suggestions.

Start by paying very close attention to where your money goes. Is the thing you are spending on necessary? Who profits from the purchase? What do they do with the profits. Spend it amongst people you know. Buy your food from local growers, so you know where it comes from.

Get involved in a gifting or sharing group where belongings can be passed around amongst many rather than hoarded and possessed by a few.

Examine your needs. Eliminate the wants.

Planting a garden, instead of a lawn, can be a form of peaceful, harmless, healing, rebellion. Really... in my mind it is the most important one... our most powerful, peaceful option.

Gardening is very calming, and healing, and it provides nourishment.... to mind, body and soul.  It creates an incredibly powerful, productive and frequency raising, force. Not only would it provide healthy food to the masses, but it would loosen the grip of the oppression that has fallen over us. One of the ways we allow control over us, is through our food supply.  If we only eat real food from local suppliers, many of the toxins we now consume would no longer be in our food, making us sick. The healthier we are the higher we vibrate, energetically..... the stronger our will and our intuition. The less we will go in search of pharmaceuticals. If we need healing we can find it in our food.

Start examining all your personal choices and asking that question. Is this for The Highest Good?

Here's a perfect place to start.... Societal programming has convinced us that having a uniformly boring and toxic lawn is more important than having a safe, natural, beautiful and productive lawn. I think we can all agree that this is not for the Highest Good of ALL and it would do us well to change this thinking.

Let's de-program ourselves of the idea that our yard must consist of only one species of grass and a few bordering trees, bushes and maybe a small flower or vegie garden. Let's get real about the fact that in order to have the societally acceptable lawn you have to poison everything that comes in contact with it... including your kids, and pets, and neighbors, and yourself of course.

Gardens... especially community gardens, bring humanity into contact and co-operation with Mother Earth, and her myriad of creatures, and each other. Humanity, working in tandem with Mother and Each Other, is an unstoppable force.

When we garden we do for the environment what the environment does for us.... Our Loving energy heals all the injured energy around us.... We counter things like toxic radiation and chemicals,  and The Earth reciprocates by keeping our energy fields healthy. You carry the energy field of that which you consume and touch and put focus on. Choose consciously.

There are quite a number of reasons to  allows us to counteract a multitude of harmful influences because growing things.... organically ..... fosters the vibration of Life.... and Life is Love.... and Love is ALL THERE IS.

The Love between the gardener and their beLoved plants is a beautiful, cyclical, perpetual, vibration that effects all who come in contact with the gardener and the garden. That vibrational imprint, exists there forever... forever sending out Love. This Love reverberates around the world and out into the Universe to affect ALL THAT IS.

I encourage everyone to grow things, organically, of course. If you can't or don't want to grow things then I think you'd gain something by spending time in an organic garden just to soak up the energies of the plants, and consuming real healthy vegetable frequencies. When you consume a vegetable, or fruit straight from the plant just think of the life-force energy that courses through you.

I also suggest that we all grow hemp/marijuana/cannabis. The hemp plant, with all it's different strains and uses, is exactly the medicine we need to rid us of the old broken down system. The reason we have not been allowed free access to this plant is that  it would take them all down in one swoop. It would replace, coal, oil, lumber (for paper and as a building material), cotton, pharmaceuticals,   etc., etc., .... I think we need to grow it and process it and use it, in whatever way we see fit, regardless of what they tell us.

It reproduces far quicker than trees and needs no fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, so here is another way to eliminate the waste of natural resources and toxins that end up in our food.
Cannabis also detoxes and nourishes the ground it grows in! So, I think it would be helpful if everybody would grow hemp! I think we should just start planting it everywhere. If we all do it and it's growing wild in every ditch, field and garden, there won't be much to be done about it. Here again is something we can do, for and with Mother Nature, that has only positive repercussions. It clearly is For The Highest Good of ALL!

So, go get dirty! You are going to Love it and be Loved back. Momma N Loves the tickle of our fingers in the dirt and her rewards are abundant!

I don't see any need to march in the streets, or pick up a gun. We can change things drastically, and right NOW, by doing things that serve The Highest Good of ALL and ignoring legislation that clearly does more harm than good.

Before you blindly follow without a thought... stop and ask yourself one question. Does this legislation, rule, law, ordinance, order..... whatever it might be that the corporate bureaucracy is demanding of you.... Ask yourself.... does this action serve the Highest Good of ALL? Is this legislation designed to serve the people fairly, and equitably, or is it all about money and control.

We all have the ability and the responsibility to think for ourselves and allow ourselves to be led by our higher knowing. If you search your heart for the answer God will put it there.

I Love You ALL!