Monday, September 1, 2014


I arrived at GilChrist, on Monday afternoon, with 5 nights ahead of me.
Monday evening, and Tuesday, I spent settling in, and finding my center.... I walked the grounds, got balanced and grounded, in preparation for accomplishing my reasons for being there.
I had made this trip, into silence, because I felt I needed to do two important things, toward the work of manifesting my ultimate vision...
One.... to find, and tune into, the frequency to which my vision resonates.
Two.... to write a story that portrayed how we might get, from this moment of now, to the final culmination of my vision, which I have expressed clearly, in my blog titled "From This Moment On". I originally wrote that blog, early in 2013, and it really resonated, with many people, all over the world. That blog is also what inspired me to create Recipro City, because so many people asked me how we'd get to such a place as I depicted in that story.
I feel very blessed that I had no problem finding the frequency, I was in search of. GilChrist is that frequency! It possess exactly the level of peace, co-operation, freedom, and communion with nature, that I want to infuse into the vision.
I was, quite happily, steeping mySelf, in the lovely vibes. I was feeling as I want to feel, in the new reality being created.
The second goal, I intended to accomplish, was the writing of a new story, which I titled "From This Moment On ~ The Prequel~ By Way of Recipro City" (if this seems familiar, it is. I have been trying to write this, for a while now) I was going to dictate it, to my computer, through the speech recognition program. So, on Wednesday morning, I sat down in front of my computer, brought up speech recognition, and set it to, Listen. I dictated the introduction, and began on the story.
At a point, a few paragraphs in, I sat back, and went into a meditative state, intentionally filling myself with the feeling that I want the outcome to have.....
I don't know how long I meditated, but when I opened my eyes again, I was shocked to see words that I was not speaking, being typed across the computer screen, and registering in the speech recognition program! It was..... something was... typing, so it is so it is so it is so it is so it is so it is....... all the way across the page!!!!
I immediately wanted to explain it away, by the program picking up bird chatter from outside, so I sat quietly, waiting for it to happen again. Lots of bird chatter, but nothing else registered. I tried all kinds of things to make it pick up and type words.... nothing!
At that point, I noticed it was time for me to go up to the office, and finish a job I had agreed to as barter for a portion of my stay.
I packed up the computer too, so I could check in with the hubby, and maybe Facebook....
I had decided, that would be my last trip up front with the computer, because it was a very tedious process and not really worth the effort as their connection was slow. I never did get on Facebook, and email took 10 minutes to send. I'm not complaining though. It was actually just as it should be.
I did my job and returned to the cabin, with the intention of continuing the dictation of my story. I had held the vision, and the developing storyline, in my mind the whole morning, and mulled over what the "so it is so it is so it is" thing was about..... but still wasn't sure what to think.
After a walk in nature, and some communion with the critters around the bird feeder, I set up the word processor, and tried to open speech recognition, but it wouldn't open. Other things seemed wonky too, so I decided to shut down and reboot the whole system.
It never opened again, after that. When the computer rebooted, it showed the opening screen which read 2:22. When I tried to sign in, it went to a blue screen. It didn't work again until I got home and repaired it.
 I was completely calm about all of this,  because I know that the reason it happened is because there was no longer any need for me to write the story of "how".... there never really, ever was....
How, my vision comes to be, is not my business.... that is always up to the Universe. My job is to see the vision, hold the vision and resonate to the frequency of the vision. The first 2 were done. GilChrist helped me find the vibration, so there is nothing more to do. The message, SO IT IS, came to let me know that all the necessary ingredients, for the manifestation of the vision, are already here. IT IS SO! We just have to KNOW it! We just have to FEEL it. We just have to LIVE it!
I hope this message warms your hearts and gives you JOY!

Friday, March 7, 2014



By - Angie Schuyler


I've just dragged my tired butt out of bed and am shuffling my pink bunny slippers across the floor to pour my coffee and get my morning dose of Facebook family. The opening screen shows a headline, in large red letters, reading...


My first sleepy thought was, "Oh geesh, what now?" but then I started clicking around and it was on every page I went to.

Suddenly, my hands are shaking and my heart is thumping with wild excitement.....I reach for my mouse......

My mind is racing.... I'm almost afraid to hope..... could it really be the event we've been waiting for?


 I begin to read...


I jump up out of my chair..... dancing around like a completely happy lunatic....  screaming...  and crying tears of joy and laughing hysterically!


I fall breathlessly, back into my chair... blotting tears from my cheeks... Whew.... BREATH..... wow.... okay... calm down..... breathing slow and deep....okay... I think I'm settled down enough to read the full announcement now..... breathing....





Although your methods of exchange are to undergo some changes, rest assured that all your basic needs are being met.

** A "BASIC NEED" is: safe, healthy and clean food, air, water, clothing, energy, transportation, communication, housing, healing, education and spiritual sustenance. **

From this moment forward you do not need money to get the things you need. We are providing you with a card. It looks like the credit and debit cards you are accustomed to, except that it has no value, as currency.

This card will be used only to track the demand and flow of goods and services, to ensure that everyone's needs are being met. We explain more about that in the packet. There are information-packets prepared for all. There is much to explain about this and we will do our best to help you.

There is no need to rush the stores, or hoard what you have. You are about to be amazed at the abundance now available to us. We live in a world of plenty, but it has been hoarded away from us. Those who have deprived us no longer have the power to do so. We have reclaimed the bounty which has always been, rightfully, ours. From this moment on, no one will go with out unless by their own choice! If you all share what you have on hand, by the time you have exhausted your supplies, the new supply lines will be moving. It's a simple matter of repurposing the existing systems, to track product, rather than dollars and profits.

You need to be aware that you have been enslaved, by your own tacit consent, and by a diabolical and  comprehensive mind programming system.

Thankfully, a critical mass of people awoke to this reality, in time to do something to stop it! Our authority has been reclaimed and now we must use it to free ourselves, and create a new world.

If we are mature enough to handle this transition peacefully, compassionately and cooperatively, we can create an entirely new path, for Humanity to travel.

Please avoid acting on fear, or creating drama and chaos, as this will only serve to prolong the transition and make it more difficult.

If anyone goes without any basic needs, it is by their own free will choice, or by simple ignorance of the fact that it is available to them. Please take it upon yourself to take extra packets out to anyone you know who cannot make their way to pick up their own. Ask every new person you meet, for at least the next year, if they are aware of these changes. This is important because there are people living in remote places, who may not get this info, unless we take it upon ourselves to seek them out and inform them. If you know of such a person, please consider it to be your personal responsibility to get one of the info packets to them.

Let's examine some important points in more detail.


If you have been hungry, you are now fed at no cost to yourself. For the first year we will be somewhat dependent on current food stores and it would be a good idea for everyone to share and conserve what is available.

Even though these are not the healthiest for us, those foods will quickly be phased out. Greenhouses, farms, individual residences and public and private lands will become utilized for the growing of safe and healthy foods.

There is never again a cost for food for anyone. However, all individuals are encouraged to contribute time and energy to the food supply system, as a way to honor the gift you've been given.

Experienced growers, please share your knowledge with those who are just learning.  Perhaps you are a grocer or you like to cook, or bake, or can and preserve. Teach others what you know. People will be needed for planting, tending and harvesting.

Perhaps you could help by collecting rain water or tending a community compost heap.

If you are an organic food grower, of any size... from planters on a balcony, to huge amounts of acreage... we encourage you to immediately expand your operations into growing hemp and begin the land sanitation processes, on all contaminated soil. We will provide you with testing kits.

There are many amongst you who have wished they could devote themselves to growing healthy food and medicinal plants. There are small family farmers, who've been run out of business and would love to be allowed to farm again and to have others to share their knowledge with. Many of our family farmers are getting up there in age, so seek them out and allow them to educate you on how to grow and preserve food. The elderly can be the brains and the young can be the brawn. Find each other and start growing and preserving healthy organic foods together.

If you have clean land  to grow on, we encourage you to begin immediately or allow someone else to. In order to quickly get away from the poisonous foods, we need to immediately begin growing as much organic food as we possibly can. Stop growing lawns and grow food instead!  If you wish to acquire land, to grow on, you may choose any piece of land of your liking, which is not already belonging to another.

Any good growing land which you know to have been abandoned or foreclosed upon, for more than one year, may be claimed on a first come first serve basis.  Please test it and, if necessary, sanitize your soil before planting. When you do plant food, please take care to use non-gmo seeds. A list of reputable suppliers is included in your info packet.

There are no restrictions on where you can plant food and medicine. We encourage you to plant fruit and nut trees as well as vegetable gardens, along public walkways and in public parks. The bounty of these will be shared with all people freely.

We also encourage all of you to feel free to help maintain the public gardens.

PLEASE, refrain from using any poisonous insecticides or fertilizers and it would be helpful if you could take any that you do have, to the disposal site, as soon as possible. See info packet for locations.

New technology... which is really old technology which has been hidden from us... is now available to enable desert and famine struck regions to be able to begin growing their own food. All poverty and starvation ends today! As you read this, healthy food is in route to every needy place around the globe.


If you have been homeless, you are now given a home that has been vacant abandoned and foreclosed upon, for at least a year. It is a home of your own choosing, anywhere in the world that you wish to live.  If you live in an unsafe home right now, you are free and encouraged to find a new place. There are more empty homes and apartments out there than there are people to fill them. Go find one and move into it.

The utilities will be turned on as soon as possible, after you call for service. Please be patient as you can be sure there will be lots of calls and also the possibility that we may be shorthanded on people who know how to do the job. This will depend on how many utility workers choose to stay during the transition. There is also new free energy devices that are already being manufactured and distributed. The first of them will go to the most impoverished areas so we can begin to get the bounty of earth out to those who have been most deprived. After that is accomplished we will begin converting away from the grid in the rest of the world.

People who were kicked out of their homes, within the last year, are free to reclaim and retain those properties, or trade them or give them away, at will.

If you have a home now and there is an abandoned one you wish to exchange it for, please give your present home to a homeless family.

During the transition phase we ask you please to be helpful to each other. If you have a new neighbor who is without power, please offer them the use of yours, while they wait for service to be turned on.

Anyone who has been previously trained in how to activate electrical service is free to do so, at their own risk.

You are all now free to move around at will. If you already have a home, but would like to move, just put a "House Available" sign in the front yard and then start looking for others who have posted the same. When you find a house you want to move to, move as soon as it becomes vacant.


If you have been struggling to put children through college or to pay student loans, you are now completely free of all education related debt. If you have ever wished to spend your life just being a student, you are now free to be and do just that. From this moment forward (TRUTHFUL) education (FREE OF MIND CONTROL PROGRAMING) is available to all people, at no cost. Obviously there will be a period of adjustment while teachers are re-trained.

All media outlets are now free to report the truth and are no longer being used as mind control tools. They will immediately undergo a transition into educational tools which are to be used to familiarize yourself with all the options this new way of life offers you.

In order to de-program the masses, the entire illusion we've been living under has to be revealed. In order for us to figure out where we're headed, it is important for us to understand where we came from.

Please understand that all forms of public media have been used as tools of mass deception and mind-control. For our highest collective good we caution you that most existing television shows, movies, newspapers, books and magazines are filled with propaganda intended to control and direct you, against your will. If you choose to look at it, please do so with this in mind.

Even our music has been messed with, by tuning it to a frequency that makes us more fearful, aggressive and easily controllable. Our musical tuning should immediately revert to healing and calming frequencies and away from the standardized 440mhz tuning. It's time to make new music and create new forms of entertainment, purely for their own sake and for the well-being of all.


If you have a hobby or talent you have wished to make into a profession, you may now freely do so. Remember, all your basic needs are fully met. Your art my now be freely pursued, simply for it's own sake and your own happiness and may be used as a mode of exchange for goods and services that meet descriptions outside of "basic needs". Or, perhaps you'd get great joy from just giving it away! You may now do whatever your heart desires, as long as it does not infringe on the rights, well-being or property of another.


For any and all of you who are ill, we are thrilled to inform you that a whole plethora of suppressed healing technologies are now being released. When all the new technology is completely implemented and we have eliminated all the poisonous foods and pharmaceuticals that have been forced upon us, there will be far less illness.... if any at all.

CANCER IS EASILY PREVENTABLE AND CUREABLE, by several different means, as are most other major "life-threatening" illnesses. We truly believe that all types of illness are curable or preventable by reasonably simple and natural means. We encourage all who work in the medical profession... if you have chosen your profession because it is your personal passion to HEAL others and you wish to continue on with it.... to immediately contact your local hospital to choose your assignment to the new training programs. ALL MEDICAL DEBT IS ELIMINATED and all future healing care is at no cost to the individual. Healing care is included in the provision of all basic needs.


If you are an inventor or a scientist who has discovered free energy technology, or who wishes to work in this arena, you are now free and encouraged to lend your energy, or share your inventions, and ideas without reservation. Your contributions are now welcomed and supported, by the collective.

All people who presently own manufacturing facilities and who are in this profession because it is their passion to manufacture things, may immediately be given the resources and instruction to convert their facilities to any new method or product they choose, so long as it does not imping on the well being of the entire planet and all life-forms living thereon.

The workers who presently run the machines, in plants that manufacture non-essential items, may freely choose to either take a vacation or seek out a new place to invest your energy. The manufacturing sector will take some time to be converted and there is plenty enough stuff on the planet right now that is not being utilized or purchased that we know we can make do for a bit without making any new non-essential stuff.

In order to begin the process of converting our society away from poisonous, destructive means, methods and products we ask everyone to refrain from all manufacturing, until you have consulted with one of our "Manufacturing Purification" specialists. In the mean-time we urge everyone to use whatever is available to them, from the old system, that can be salvaged and used temporarily while we begin to create safer and more natural products to replace them. I assure you that you will find any trinket you may need if you take the time to look for it. It is not necessary to acquire a new one. Used items will do you fine for the interim. We already have all the info, technology and resources, we need, to completely get away from petroleum. Please refrain as much as possible from all production that utilizes any form of petroleum!

Gasoline will continue to be available, only for the running of vehicles and will be phased out at the end of 2 years. By then, conversion packages will be installed on all cars to convert them to free energy technology, at no cost to you. Transportation and all associated costs fall under "basic needs".


If the land you wish to farm on is found to be contaminated, we are asking you to plant cannabis on it, at least for the first year. This is the "land sanitation process" mentioned earlier. Plant hemp in every toxic plot you plan to grow food in. Allow it to grow, for at least one year, before you grow any other food in that soil. Harvest the flowers and seeds but allow the plants to die and decay in the field. If the soil is severely depleted or toxic, it may take several years to heal. Hemp will do that, better than any other natural method that we know of at this time. Turn the rotting plants into the soil, before the next planting, to enrich the soil. Hemp is our most important, sustainable and readily available resource. It grows just about anywhere, without pesticides or fertilizer! There is info in your packet to catch you up on the history of cannabis and a list of the thousands of suppressed uses for this plant that include everything from a very potent healing medicine, to fuel, to building materials, to fabric, to paper and bio-degradable plastics. Many of our present manufacturing facilities will be converted, in ways that utilize some part of the hemp plant or for the manufacturing of hemp products. This plant is the antigen to everything that ails humanity, and the earth, on all levels of our being. It is sacred and will forever, from now on, be treated as such. Seed suppliers are listed in your info packet.


From this moment forward WAR IS OVER! ALL WAR ENDS NOW! LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS!!! ANNOUNCE TO EVERYONE IN EARSHOT THAT THE WAR IS OVER AND GO SHAKE HANDS WITH, OR HUG, THE OPPOSITION SOLDIER NEAREST YOU. (It's probably best to wait until you know that they are receptive and their weapons are down as well.). If you are in the military, security, or law enforcement and you are in these professions because it is your true passion to serve and protect the people, Please go to your home base for further instruction on how you may be of help. You will NOT be asked to turn in your weapons. You may keep them until you feel comfortable with releasing them, of your own free will. (That applies to civilians as well!) All who are in these professions, for any reason other than free will choice and a passionate desire to assist humanity, please feel free to go wherever your heart desires. Please be patient as you wait for your turn to leave and know that all expenses are taken care of. We thank you for your service and your sacrifice and we pray for healing on all levels of your being. Please seek out and utilize, your choice of every possible method of healing available, at no cost to you. We acknowledge that this news will take some time to disseminate, throughout the world. We encourage every citizen of the earth to actively seek out all warring individuals and educate them about this news. If they continue to show violent aggression, (if possible without harm to innocents) they are to be arrested and detained, only until they settle down and realize that they are free to stop the fighting and go home and live free and abundant lives. That, and relinquishing their weapons are the only conditions for their release. People needing to be detained are the only ones required to surrender their weapons.


All currently incarcerated, non-violent, criminals are to be released, beginning immediately, and are immediately entitled to have all their basic needs met, in the same measure as everyone else. Since every prisoner, up to now, has been judged guilty by a corrupt judicial system, they deserve a fresh start and a chance to prove they can live peacefully and productively amongst us.

Violent offenders will be evaluated, on a case by case basis, and will be given special compassion, care and attention, for as long as it takes to rehabilitate them. We acknowledge that there may be some who will need to remain in a prison for the safety of others, but the goal is to heal them all.

From this moment on, their quality of life within the prison, will be significantly better. They are to be given the best food and healing care, beginning immediately. The prison environment is to be softened to allow a more suitable place for the healing processes to take place.

Since every prisoner is to be assured that all their needs are met and they are being well cared for, they have plenty of time to devote to healing, learning and living.

Visiting rules will be softened slightly and restraints on communication will not be so strict.

Computers will be available for supervised email and video chat usage. We feel very hopeful that even the most violent of prisoners may have the incentive to heal by knowing they may be released into a stress free, worry free world and offered every opportunity for travel, education, healthcare and occupation that everyone else has access to.

We think that there will be a dramatic decrease in the amount of violence on the planet, as a whole. Eventually, feelings like fear and anger will cease to exist in our world. People come to govern themselves, peacefully and ethically, by the simple understanding that they can only be right with themselves when they are right with The Whole world.... that every action, thought and word effects The Whole, including the Self and Creator.


All law on Earth NOW converts back to Common Law and The Law Of One. What this means, in simplistic terms, is that there is no authority over you, except for that of your Creator. The Law of One is that WE ARE ALL ONE. Each and every one of us is an intricate part of the Whole Creation... the ONE. Common Law, simply put, means that no infraction can be brought against you unless it can be proven that you have done harm to another, or their property. From this point forward, each individual comes into full liability for every action they take and decision they make and governs themselves within these simple parameters. Given that all people now share freely in all the resources of the planet and every basic need is fully met, we imagine that crime rates will sharply decrease, or completely cease to exist.


Since the financial sector is corrupt beyond repair, it is now completely foreclosed upon and all buildings, as well as their contents and technology are secured for use by "The People" The infrastructure, which was in place to support the corrupt banking system, is now undergoing a transition to make it useful within the new system. Details about that are available within your info packets.

The info packets will be distributed from your county courthouses.

All bankers and bank employees have, whether knowingly or unknowingly, participated in a great deception of "The People." If your intentions were innocent and honorable we hope you will remain at your positions, at least long enough to help us get the new system online and to train your own replacement.

Any of you who intentionally took your position for money, power and control, you may head home now. You are relieved of your duties. Please be aware that there are still reparations to be made to "The People" for malicious harm and fraud. If your actions and intentions, in the past, have been in any way harmful to the citizenry, you will face the charges and the consequences of those choices.

Leniency will be given to all who have acted under duress and who come forward willingly. More leniency will be given to those who disclose the truth publicly and testify against the thieves and oppressors.


Since all governments and courts existed for no other reason than to act as the thug arm money collectors, for the banking cartel, ALL COURTS AND GOVERNMENTS, NOW CEASE TO EXIST! All elected government officials, judges and lawyers, who chose their jobs out of a true passion to help the people; we hope you will choose to proceed to your county courthouses to begin working toward a new system of governance, which is truly of, by and for "The People". If you have taken your position for any other reason... for money.. for power... for control, you may head home now. You are relieved of your duties.

Please be aware that there are reparations to be made to "The People" for malicious harm done to them by officials within the previous governments. If your actions and intentions, in the past, have been in any way harmful to the citizenry, whom you pledged to protect and serve, you will face the charges and the consequences of those actions. Leniency will be given to all who acted under duress and come forward willingly. More leniency will be given to those who disclose the truth and testify against the oppressors. FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD ALL GOVERNANCE AROUND THE WORLD IS OF, BY AND FOR "THE PEOPLE"!


If you have already been chipped, go to the hospital to have it removed, as soon as possible. If you are in doubt, be checked. I think we are all going to be appalled at how many chips we have in us and unknown to us.

All public surveillance systems, put in place by the powers that were, are to be dismantled and repurposed, beginning immediately.

You are free people! We trust you to govern yourself by the principals of LOVE and within the parameters of The Law of One and Common Law.


It is sure to have dawned on all of you, by now, that you no longer NEED to go to a job. No one is required to do any particular thing, from now on. Especially, anything they do not want to do.

Do only what you choose, of your own free will, as long as it does no harm to others or their property. For some of you, this will cause an instant panic. You are probably wondering; Who will clean my house? Who will pick up my trash? Where will I get my groceries? Who will cut my hair? What about medical care?

Please stay calm.....

We clearly have a transition phase to work through here. Although it is true that many of the service related workers, we've come to rely on and take for granted, will probably choose to do something different with their time, there are actually people within those professions who do what they do because they like doing it. And you can bet they are going to like doing it even more when they have no financial issues getting in the way of doing business. We are hopeful that they will still be there to take care of us, at least throughout the transition period, or even just long enough to train their own replacement. It has to be their free will choice to do so though! Free will has to be taken without guilt, force or obligation.

We have great confidence that there are great numbers of you, who are able to govern yourselves, for the Highest Good of All and who will step up to fill any void that you see and feel able to fill. By this example you will inspire others to do the same.

We would like it if all of you chose to look at this as an opportunity to try your hand at lots of new things. There are no limitations. Try everything, until you discover your passion and then follow that on to bliss!

We have worked it all out for you. Every one of you is now free and every basic need is met. We trust that you will honor this gift by governing yourself according to what is for the Highest Good of ALL. It is going to take some time for us to get all the details worked out amongst us. We hope you will all choose to be patient, generous, faithful, compassionate, helpful and kind, while we go through this transition.


As far as the really nasty jobs go, we have been examining a system whereby each citizen can volunteer to pitch in and rotate through those jobs. We think that, with enough co-operation, no one would have to do any of those jobs, for more than one week per year, in order to see that everything essential, to the well-being of our communities, will still get done. Since the majority now live with a desire and willingness for co-operation and community support, all our essential systems and services are sure to be well taken care of and the work will be shared amongst many. We can say that, with complete confidence, because we know that we would not be making this announcement today unless a critical mass of you had agreed to it. It is important to note, again, that we are able, NOW, to release a bunch of new technology that has the potential to simplify and streamline many of our systems and services. These new technologies should lighten our need for human labor, in all sectors!

We are hopeful that many essential workers, such as food suppliers and transporters, healthcare, sanitation, transportation, road and utility workers will choose to stay in their present positions, at least long enough to train a replacement to step in to their position. The more co-operation and team-work we can muster, during the transition phase, the more quickly and easily it will go.  You can all rest assured that once we are peacefully and gently settled, into our new paradigm, you are completely free and encouraged to live according to your most fervent wishes and cherished dreams.


FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD WE PROCLAIM LOVE TO BE THE RULING PRINCIPAL ON THIS PLANET! SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE BY ANY OTHER, IT IS YOUR FREE WILL CHOICE TO LEAVE! There are other planets, timelines and dimensions that have not tuned in to a frequency beyond duality. Should you still need the dualistic paradigm for your evolutionary process, we will be happy to send you off to one of them, as long as they are willing to accept you.

What is absolutely sure is that anyone vibrating below the frequency of LOVE is not going to feel comfortable here any more. You will find it necessary to either raise your vibrational level or leave this planet. You can raise your vibrational level, if your intentions are honorable and true. Should you choose to go, please know that you go with our Love, gratitude and complete recognition, that even forgiveness isn't necessary, for you were each simply playing a role that we requested of you.

We understand now that you chose to be the darkness so that we could BE THE LIGHT! We Love you and release you with good will.



We acknowledge that this is a lot of information, so, although we could go on and on, we are choosing to stop for now. We know you are needing some time to digest it and discuss it.

We are aware that you will have many questions and we promise to answer them as best we can, as soon as we can. The information packets, we are preparing for you, will probably answer your most pressing questions. Please read through all of that and then submit to us, any remaining questions that come up.

There are many people among you who have been preparing for this event for quite some time. This is the "we" mentioned throughout this announcement. They are not your rulers or enforcers. They are simply "The People" just like you. They will be making themselves known to you so they can assist you and help answer your questions.


 Oh.... my .... God.... ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
I feel like I could jump right out of my skin!
I am sooo excited!
We have worked so hard for this.....

"All you need is love....dunt,dunt,dununa....all you need is love, love. Love is all ya need. Love is..." (my phone is singing)

Oh cool! It's Aerick calling!

I KNOW!!!!
Yes, I'm almost ready to go!
I'll meet you at city hall and we'll get this ball rolling!


Yeah... I know... it might get crazy for a little while.... but hey.... we've all been so broke and oppressed for so long. We deserve a little craziness. Let people go out and shop until there's nothing new left to shop for. After all the new stuff is sold out then they can shop for used stuff. They'll shop for that until they are all shopped out and finally come to the realization that they don't have to hoard or covet all those things they are shopping for because there are no limits to what they can have... ever.... Eventually they will come to trust the new ways and relax into the flow of change.

Yeah... me to... it would be a shame to have such a joyous occasion ruined by riots over televisions and game systems... but ya know what? I really don't think this announcement would ever have been made if "The People" were not ready to handle it, with ease and grace.

Okay... I'm in the car now so I'm going to let you go. See ya in a bit!

The end.... no..... The beginning!!!!!


This blog FROM THIS MOMENT ON was originally posted on my AwakeandAware Xanga blog on Feb 10th 2013.

Xanga is having issues so I moved to blogger.

On November 22nd 2013, this story was edited and updated to reflect the transformation of my own perspective, over this past... (counting on fingers)... 9 months.

Hmmm... a perfect gestation period.  Imagine that! :-)


Here I am back here, again, on March 7th 2014

The original release of the written blog resonated with people, and reverberated around the world.... the ripples still in effect... a seed planted... an adventure begun.... this set my life on a new course.

After the original release, I freaked out a bit because the people were looking to me for leadership. I recognized that although I had a detailed vision, I was still lacking an essential chunk of info. We still needed a vehicle to carry us, from here to there.

I asked for spiritual guidance, and spent months in contemplation and meditation. I knew the answer was out there, I just had to call it to me. I was finally gifted the idea for Recipro City.

Recipro City is a vehicle, to carry us over the threshold, from world domination by the money mongers; to freedom, peace and abundance, for all beings everywhere.

 It is an idea that is completely foreign to most people.... including myself! I am learning this right along with all of you. I still, personally, have attachments to the financial system, and to money itself. It's not simple to break the habit of thinking of everything in terms of $'s. I am, step by step, extricating myself from it. I liken it to untying a very tangled knot. You have to work slowly, carefully and gently through it, or you just end up making it tighter and more difficult to unravel.

Because FROM THIS MOMENT ON, depicts the entire detailed ultimate vision of where I hope the Recipro City inspiration can carry us, I want this revised version of it to be spread, far and wide. I want all the people who came to me last year, looking for answers, to know I have done my homework. I want all of the people who resonated with this vision to know about Recipro City.

A NEW UPDATE ~ 12/13/2015
So much has changed since my last update. Recipro City is an on-going experiment. The first phase was the Recipro City Store which I housed in my home for about a year and a half. It was a money optional operation. I let the people decide what they gave and what they received and just watched the beautiful flow as it all unfolded.
Recently, I moved from that place and into phase 2 of the Recipro City Experiment. I literally fell into this..... or was pushed.... Either way I feel blessed and excited to be able to tell you that I have discovered a new way to extricate myself, even further, from the use of money. I have discovered that I can live rent free, all over the world, as a professional house sitter, for which my 15 years of professional cleaning experience and excellent references makes me perfectly suited.
I ended up in this place because I was given a new artistic inspiration, this year, with which to practice doing business, the Recipro City way. PRmia is an inspiration that came, as an answer to my prayer, and it is my intention to go out on the road with it.  If you know of any houses or pets needing sitting, let me know.

My plans for Recipro City and PRmia, on the road.

PRmia is a form of healing art that I want to go out and share with the people by doing workshops and healing sessions at metaphysical shops and holistic healing centers. While at those places, I will also speak to people about Recipro City and see if I could get people on board to have me back again to organize a Share Fair Day at which a neighborhood  / community Share Shed would be constructed and placed.

A Share Fair is a money free day of people bringing things to give away and everyone who brings goes around and chooses things for themselves, from all the offerings.

A Share Shed is a telephone booth sized structure, where people can give and receive. People drop off things they want to share and those in need come and pick them up.

I will also share my own experience of having a Recipro Station in my own home.

I know this was extremely long so if you are still here. Thank you!!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


By ~ Angie Schuyler

The last blog I wrote was called "Reciprocation, Recipro City Style".

I am going to copy a portion of that blog, into this one, because something has happened which serves as a perfect example of how Recipro City style reciprocation works, exactly as I described to you!.

So, in "Reciprocation Recipro City Style" I said:

"Reciprocation, is generally portrayed as an equal exchange between two people. This mentality encourages us to give, only under the condition of that equal exchange.
Recipro City's interpretation, of the idea of reciprocatio
n, eliminates conditions. Eliminating conditions opens us to the free flow of Divine Love. This creates an environment where a person sees the need of another and simply fills it, for no other reason than that they had the ability to do so. Period! No questions asked.
When we are able to contribute faithfully and take the focus off what we might get in return, we create space for the Universe to reciprocate.
Do you understand that it is always God who reciprocates, directly, when we do good deeds unconditionally?
Sure, setting conditions can insure that you get your fair share... a solid, equal exchange, between you and another, is not unacceptable..... just limiting.
The thing you're missing is that your abundance is always far greater when Spirit, is given the opportunity to reciprocate.
I often find that Spirit reciprocates in far greater amounts than what I give.
When we set conditions, we get in the way of Divine will.
When we act faithfully, on behalf of another, we leave the door open for Spirit to work, It's own will, on our behalf.
Take notice of the arrows between the 1's, inside the infinity symbol. Notice that for every one pointing away there is also one point toward. As we give, we make space to receive. What freely flows out, freely flows back in."

Okay.... so yesterday morning I put out a post, on Facebook, which included a picture of a pair of women's ice skates, which I was offering up in exchange for a pair of used women's snow boots, for my daughter.

I posted it on Global Energy Exchange, on my own personal page, and on Recipro City.

A few minutes later I got a private message from a Facebook friend, Michelle Walling. Michelle asked if I had a PayPal account because she would like to send me some money for my daughter's boots.

I was so thrilled... however I noticed that I felt some resistance.... like something in my wanted to insist that Michelle accept something in return from me. It was hard for me to resist that urge but I did.

I gave her my account info and waited, for what I figured, would be around $50.00 or so, at the very most!

I about fell out of my chair when PayPal notified me of a $200.00 deposit!!!! She didn't ask for anything in return, except for me to continue sharing posts from In5D and for my daughter to read a special story that she had posted.

In the beginning I assumed that Michelle had seen the post on Recipro City.... that she was someone who was, at least, aware of Recipro City. She wasn't though! She didn't know anything about it, until yesterday when I linked her name to that page. When I saw that she had Liked the page, after she made the donation, I got a chill.

Do you see?

It's exactly like I wrote! I have given up on the usual idea about a one-to-one style reciprocation and moved instead to a pay it forward model. For the past few months I have just given..... and enjoyed it SOOOO very much that I didn't give a rip about returns. I was just allowing abundance to flow from me and letting go of all expectation.

Yesterday, I asked for a pair of used snow boots for one person and today I am shopping for boots for 4 people. My son-in-law, my granddaughter and a neighbor friend's 5 year old boy will also get boots because Spirit worked through Michelle's open, willing, Loving heart, to pay forward a blessing to someone she barely knows!

I am so blessed and don't believe it could have happened this way had I not made room for it, by paying forward. Had I adhered to a strict condition, about an equal exchange, I would have limited the abundance that showed up as a result. I ended up with far more than I asked for!

I find it very significant that Michelle didn't know about Recipro City, before she made her offer. She saw it on my personal page. She saw a need which she could fill and she filled it. No hesitation. No stipulations about an equal exchange. A gift, free and clear!

The best part about this is getting to write about it! Being able to show a real life example that happened, right in front of our eyes, is so sweet!!!! I'd say the Recipro City experiment is off to a positive start!

Thanks Michelle, for helping prove my hypotheses.

I Love You and wish you many blessings!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014



                                                                  by ~ Angie Schuyler 
Reciprocation, is generally portrayed as an equal exchange between two people. This mentality encourages us to give, only under the condition of that equal exchange.

 Recipro City's interpretation, of the idea of reciprocation, eliminates conditions. Eliminating conditions opens us to the free flow of Divine Love. This creates an environment where a person sees the need of another and... simply fills it, for no other reason than that they had the ability to do so. Period! No questions asked.

 When we are able to contribute faithfully and take the focus off what we might get in return, we create space for the Universe to reciprocate. 

 Do you understand that it is always God who reciprocates, directly, when we do good deeds unconditionally?

 Sure, setting conditions can insure that you get your fair share... a solid, equal exchange, between you and another, is not unacceptable..... just limiting.

 The thing you're missing is that your abundance is always far greater when Spirit, is given the opportunity to reciprocate. 

 I often find that Spirit reciprocates in far greater amounts than what I give.

 When we set conditions, we get in the way of Divine will.

 When we act faithfully, on behalf of another, we leave the door open for Spirit to work, It's own will, on our behalf.

 Take notice of the arrows between the 1's, inside the infinity symbol. Notice that for every one pointing away there is also one point toward. As we give, we make space to receive. What freely flows out, freely flows back in.

 For some of us, receiving is even more difficult than giving. Here again, all conditions need to be released. We must abandon the idea that we cannot accept something from another unless they allow us to reciprocate.

 Instead of doing that, just start looking around for someone to pay it forward to. God will lead you to someone who has a need that you are able to fill. Just be on the lookout and prepared to act when you find them.

 Do you see how this works?

 Are you beginning to understand now?

 It is all about faith and generosity. We don't need dollars to meet our needs. We can do it for ourselves by doing for each other. 

 We all have tons of things laying around that we rarely use, while, at the same time, we have needs that go unmet because we don't have dollars. We all have talents that we can share with others. We all have abilities we can share with others. We don't have to limit our sharing of these things, by putting a $ value on them. We can just share them freely and trust that the joy they bring to another has no place to flow but right back to us, through the generosity of another faithful heart.

 I am determined to prove that we can create a free world. Let's stop fighting the old system and create something better in it's place. Make the old one obsolete so that it withers away, from lack of attention.

 I propose we all redirect our energy, focus, attention and dollars (at least for the limited future) into building something new instead of continuing to feed the dying beast.

 I Love You ALL!

 Let's do this!

 Join me please. I need your help!