Sunday, January 5, 2014



                                                                  by ~ Angie Schuyler 
Reciprocation, is generally portrayed as an equal exchange between two people. This mentality encourages us to give, only under the condition of that equal exchange.

 Recipro City's interpretation, of the idea of reciprocation, eliminates conditions. Eliminating conditions opens us to the free flow of Divine Love. This creates an environment where a person sees the need of another and... simply fills it, for no other reason than that they had the ability to do so. Period! No questions asked.

 When we are able to contribute faithfully and take the focus off what we might get in return, we create space for the Universe to reciprocate. 

 Do you understand that it is always God who reciprocates, directly, when we do good deeds unconditionally?

 Sure, setting conditions can insure that you get your fair share... a solid, equal exchange, between you and another, is not unacceptable..... just limiting.

 The thing you're missing is that your abundance is always far greater when Spirit, is given the opportunity to reciprocate. 

 I often find that Spirit reciprocates in far greater amounts than what I give.

 When we set conditions, we get in the way of Divine will.

 When we act faithfully, on behalf of another, we leave the door open for Spirit to work, It's own will, on our behalf.

 Take notice of the arrows between the 1's, inside the infinity symbol. Notice that for every one pointing away there is also one point toward. As we give, we make space to receive. What freely flows out, freely flows back in.

 For some of us, receiving is even more difficult than giving. Here again, all conditions need to be released. We must abandon the idea that we cannot accept something from another unless they allow us to reciprocate.

 Instead of doing that, just start looking around for someone to pay it forward to. God will lead you to someone who has a need that you are able to fill. Just be on the lookout and prepared to act when you find them.

 Do you see how this works?

 Are you beginning to understand now?

 It is all about faith and generosity. We don't need dollars to meet our needs. We can do it for ourselves by doing for each other. 

 We all have tons of things laying around that we rarely use, while, at the same time, we have needs that go unmet because we don't have dollars. We all have talents that we can share with others. We all have abilities we can share with others. We don't have to limit our sharing of these things, by putting a $ value on them. We can just share them freely and trust that the joy they bring to another has no place to flow but right back to us, through the generosity of another faithful heart.

 I am determined to prove that we can create a free world. Let's stop fighting the old system and create something better in it's place. Make the old one obsolete so that it withers away, from lack of attention.

 I propose we all redirect our energy, focus, attention and dollars (at least for the limited future) into building something new instead of continuing to feed the dying beast.

 I Love You ALL!

 Let's do this!

 Join me please. I need your help!

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