Saturday, January 18, 2014


By ~ Angie Schuyler

The last blog I wrote was called "Reciprocation, Recipro City Style".

I am going to copy a portion of that blog, into this one, because something has happened which serves as a perfect example of how Recipro City style reciprocation works, exactly as I described to you!.

So, in "Reciprocation Recipro City Style" I said:

"Reciprocation, is generally portrayed as an equal exchange between two people. This mentality encourages us to give, only under the condition of that equal exchange.
Recipro City's interpretation, of the idea of reciprocatio
n, eliminates conditions. Eliminating conditions opens us to the free flow of Divine Love. This creates an environment where a person sees the need of another and simply fills it, for no other reason than that they had the ability to do so. Period! No questions asked.
When we are able to contribute faithfully and take the focus off what we might get in return, we create space for the Universe to reciprocate.
Do you understand that it is always God who reciprocates, directly, when we do good deeds unconditionally?
Sure, setting conditions can insure that you get your fair share... a solid, equal exchange, between you and another, is not unacceptable..... just limiting.
The thing you're missing is that your abundance is always far greater when Spirit, is given the opportunity to reciprocate.
I often find that Spirit reciprocates in far greater amounts than what I give.
When we set conditions, we get in the way of Divine will.
When we act faithfully, on behalf of another, we leave the door open for Spirit to work, It's own will, on our behalf.
Take notice of the arrows between the 1's, inside the infinity symbol. Notice that for every one pointing away there is also one point toward. As we give, we make space to receive. What freely flows out, freely flows back in."

Okay.... so yesterday morning I put out a post, on Facebook, which included a picture of a pair of women's ice skates, which I was offering up in exchange for a pair of used women's snow boots, for my daughter.

I posted it on Global Energy Exchange, on my own personal page, and on Recipro City.

A few minutes later I got a private message from a Facebook friend, Michelle Walling. Michelle asked if I had a PayPal account because she would like to send me some money for my daughter's boots.

I was so thrilled... however I noticed that I felt some resistance.... like something in my wanted to insist that Michelle accept something in return from me. It was hard for me to resist that urge but I did.

I gave her my account info and waited, for what I figured, would be around $50.00 or so, at the very most!

I about fell out of my chair when PayPal notified me of a $200.00 deposit!!!! She didn't ask for anything in return, except for me to continue sharing posts from In5D and for my daughter to read a special story that she had posted.

In the beginning I assumed that Michelle had seen the post on Recipro City.... that she was someone who was, at least, aware of Recipro City. She wasn't though! She didn't know anything about it, until yesterday when I linked her name to that page. When I saw that she had Liked the page, after she made the donation, I got a chill.

Do you see?

It's exactly like I wrote! I have given up on the usual idea about a one-to-one style reciprocation and moved instead to a pay it forward model. For the past few months I have just given..... and enjoyed it SOOOO very much that I didn't give a rip about returns. I was just allowing abundance to flow from me and letting go of all expectation.

Yesterday, I asked for a pair of used snow boots for one person and today I am shopping for boots for 4 people. My son-in-law, my granddaughter and a neighbor friend's 5 year old boy will also get boots because Spirit worked through Michelle's open, willing, Loving heart, to pay forward a blessing to someone she barely knows!

I am so blessed and don't believe it could have happened this way had I not made room for it, by paying forward. Had I adhered to a strict condition, about an equal exchange, I would have limited the abundance that showed up as a result. I ended up with far more than I asked for!

I find it very significant that Michelle didn't know about Recipro City, before she made her offer. She saw it on my personal page. She saw a need which she could fill and she filled it. No hesitation. No stipulations about an equal exchange. A gift, free and clear!

The best part about this is getting to write about it! Being able to show a real life example that happened, right in front of our eyes, is so sweet!!!! I'd say the Recipro City experiment is off to a positive start!

Thanks Michelle, for helping prove my hypotheses.

I Love You and wish you many blessings!!!

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