Monday, September 1, 2014


I arrived at GilChrist, on Monday afternoon, with 5 nights ahead of me.
Monday evening, and Tuesday, I spent settling in, and finding my center.... I walked the grounds, got balanced and grounded, in preparation for accomplishing my reasons for being there.
I had made this trip, into silence, because I felt I needed to do two important things, toward the work of manifesting my ultimate vision...
One.... to find, and tune into, the frequency to which my vision resonates.
Two.... to write a story that portrayed how we might get, from this moment of now, to the final culmination of my vision, which I have expressed clearly, in my blog titled "From This Moment On". I originally wrote that blog, early in 2013, and it really resonated, with many people, all over the world. That blog is also what inspired me to create Recipro City, because so many people asked me how we'd get to such a place as I depicted in that story.
I feel very blessed that I had no problem finding the frequency, I was in search of. GilChrist is that frequency! It possess exactly the level of peace, co-operation, freedom, and communion with nature, that I want to infuse into the vision.
I was, quite happily, steeping mySelf, in the lovely vibes. I was feeling as I want to feel, in the new reality being created.
The second goal, I intended to accomplish, was the writing of a new story, which I titled "From This Moment On ~ The Prequel~ By Way of Recipro City" (if this seems familiar, it is. I have been trying to write this, for a while now) I was going to dictate it, to my computer, through the speech recognition program. So, on Wednesday morning, I sat down in front of my computer, brought up speech recognition, and set it to, Listen. I dictated the introduction, and began on the story.
At a point, a few paragraphs in, I sat back, and went into a meditative state, intentionally filling myself with the feeling that I want the outcome to have.....
I don't know how long I meditated, but when I opened my eyes again, I was shocked to see words that I was not speaking, being typed across the computer screen, and registering in the speech recognition program! It was..... something was... typing, so it is so it is so it is so it is so it is so it is....... all the way across the page!!!!
I immediately wanted to explain it away, by the program picking up bird chatter from outside, so I sat quietly, waiting for it to happen again. Lots of bird chatter, but nothing else registered. I tried all kinds of things to make it pick up and type words.... nothing!
At that point, I noticed it was time for me to go up to the office, and finish a job I had agreed to as barter for a portion of my stay.
I packed up the computer too, so I could check in with the hubby, and maybe Facebook....
I had decided, that would be my last trip up front with the computer, because it was a very tedious process and not really worth the effort as their connection was slow. I never did get on Facebook, and email took 10 minutes to send. I'm not complaining though. It was actually just as it should be.
I did my job and returned to the cabin, with the intention of continuing the dictation of my story. I had held the vision, and the developing storyline, in my mind the whole morning, and mulled over what the "so it is so it is so it is" thing was about..... but still wasn't sure what to think.
After a walk in nature, and some communion with the critters around the bird feeder, I set up the word processor, and tried to open speech recognition, but it wouldn't open. Other things seemed wonky too, so I decided to shut down and reboot the whole system.
It never opened again, after that. When the computer rebooted, it showed the opening screen which read 2:22. When I tried to sign in, it went to a blue screen. It didn't work again until I got home and repaired it.
 I was completely calm about all of this,  because I know that the reason it happened is because there was no longer any need for me to write the story of "how".... there never really, ever was....
How, my vision comes to be, is not my business.... that is always up to the Universe. My job is to see the vision, hold the vision and resonate to the frequency of the vision. The first 2 were done. GilChrist helped me find the vibration, so there is nothing more to do. The message, SO IT IS, came to let me know that all the necessary ingredients, for the manifestation of the vision, are already here. IT IS SO! We just have to KNOW it! We just have to FEEL it. We just have to LIVE it!
I hope this message warms your hearts and gives you JOY!