Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An Open Letter: To ALL People in the "Corporate Medical Industry".

This includes insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies too. Any company that is directly, or indirectly, doing business with the "corporate medical industry".
This is a huge number of people in our population.
I wonder if you are conscious of the crimes being committed, by this industry, in the name of "health and healing". If you are not, than I am suggesting, right NOW, that you start educating yourself on some very important Truths.
Do you understand that there are cures for many of the "big $" diseases and disorders, and that these cures are plants, and some are even illegal? Do you understand that you work for an industry that probably does more harm than good, and at it's highest levels is doing so consciously?
It's all about the "big $".
I know this will be hard to read. I'm certain no one wants to be told this about their work. Yet, if it's true, don't you want to know, so as not to be an unwitting accessory. Please bear with me. Please let me help you understand why I say this.
Is it not true, that deliberately withholding life-saving treatment is a crime? Attempted murder, I believe.
Many within your industry commit this crime daily. Some, without knowing it.... Some, with full knowledge of what they are doing.
Is it not also true, that deliberately feeding someone poison, is a crime? Also, attempted murder.
It is pretty common knowledge now that chemo and radiation cause cancer and damage other organs. Yet it is administered even though there are more effective, less harmful, cures.
Maybe that is why you conveniently choose to look away and deny the truth. If you feign  ignorance, you can justify going to work each day and taking part in the attempted mass murder of millions of people. You can blindly continue to administer poisons, and violent, invasive and inhumane treatments that create more illness than they cure. As long as you choose to ignore the Truth you can still pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you've done a good job.
Please understand, I am not blaming you for ending up in this place. You have been programmed to behave this way.... to think and act this way. You have been used. You have been fed lies, and all the poisonous chemicals that dumb you down enough to make you believe the lies. Up until now, your mind has not been your own. You must reclaim it and learn how to use it, for the Highest Good of ALL.
If you are reading this, than KNOW, you are being called to awaken. Your Soul knows you are ready to handle this hard truth. Your Soul knows you are ready to challenge your industry to do the right thing. This is your call, to do your part, to stop the murderous behavior that has become the hallmark of the medical monster.
The first step is to educate yourself on the facts. Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. Here are a couple relevant points of interest, to get you started. This is just the tip of the ice burg. There is so much more but I don't want to overwhelm you... so... just these 2 big ones, for now. 
CANCER IS CUREABLE, by several means..... cannabis, baking soda, sound frequencies, energetics and more. Besides that, it is easily prevented, and cured, by diet alone and the establishment has known this for as long as they have been treating us with cancer causing chemo and radiation. Yet, also for as long, the food that is manufactured to feed the masses is every bit the opposite of a healthy diet. Most of what we breath, drink, and are fed, and medicated with, is cancer causing.
THE CANNABIS PLANT CAN SAVE THE WORLD. It has so many different uses that it would put an abrupt end to petroleum, cotton, lumber, pesticides, pharmaceuticals. It can replace, petroleum for plastics and Styrofoam. It can heal the soil it grows in, by transmuting the toxins and providing nutrients. We would never need to cut another forest or drill for oil again. It can heal almost every human ailment. It is a highly nutritious and healing food, and great in soaps and lotions, and balms and salves. It grows almost everywhere with no pesticides or fertilizer and grows so fast that, in ideal conditions, you can reap 2 or more crops in a season. Every single bit of this plant is useful, healing and sustainable, to us, and to the earth. By providing us with a healing option to every detrimental system, we have in place at the moment, Cannabis is the antigen to ALL that ails us. The medical industry works hard to keep this knowledge out of the mainstream!
This plant is illegal because it would make most of the corporations alive today, obsolete and/or unprofitable.... especially the medical industry. It could bring down the corporate beast and free us of the murderous, diseased lifestyle we currently live. We could then begin the healing of our world. Those of you, awake, within the monster can get the ball rolling.
Yes, this would bring the economy to a screeching halt, and things would be chaotic for a while.......
Oh darn....then we'd get to start over and build something new and better.
Or..... we can bury our heads and continue on as we have been...... feeding the beast, and killing our fellow man..... all for the "big $".
I guess you can decide if it's worth it..... Can you live with yourself..... now that you know?
Thank you for reading all the way to the end.
I pray wisdom and Love win over your hearts and minds, and that you are given the courage to do something to affect change.

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