Sunday, January 25, 2015

Understanding Reciprocity

Reciprocity does not begin until we give to others, unconditionally, and cannot flow freely, unless we accept from others, in the same way.

It is not enough just to give, or accept. The giving must be entirely free of expectation. The acceptance must be completely free of obligation, and guilt.

When you throw in an expectation, or a condition.... like demanding an equal exchange.... you stop up the flow of reciprocity.

When you give, without condition, you make a space, and leave it open to be filled by the generosity of another unconditional giver. Rarely will that ever be the same person who you gave to, and it doesn't need to be. It actually works better, if it comes from someone entirely different.

When you give freely, and faithfully, your own needs are always fulfilled
  ~ Angie Schuyler Founder of Recipro City


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